For sealing small cracks, plain old silicone works great. I was extremely carefull making the rough opening the correct size, plumb, and square, because I understood just how difficult it would be to set this large bow window up on the second story. last year he passed away and it's a nice little reminder for me of how much I enjoyed his company. 99 (18) View Wishlist Added to Wishlist GE Silicone II Window & Door Sealant, Clear, 299-mL $7. "That would be an incorrect assumption.I have been successfully using can foam for window installs for a hundred years, more or less ( OK so I exaggerate a bit) But I have also seen some pretty funny disasters from DIYs trying too hard. It’s basically the same thing as Gaps & Cracks but expands much more. You just don't want to pinch the middle of the sides in. Asked by: Anonymous Purchasing the Great Stuff (TM) Pro over the consumer Great Stuff (TM) may be appealing because the simplicity of foam application with PRO Series foam dispensing guns (PRO 13, PRO 14 and PRO 15). Today I’ve got 3 easy insulation tips that could help you stay warm this winter. • GREAT STUFF™ Pond & Stone * — Directs water flow I’ve gotten it on my hands and it’s not fun. I’ve wondered what I could do with the light switches and outlet plates that are on exterior walls, now I know! Flexibility is super important for windows and doors because the framing will expand and contract when temperatures or humidity change. You know, the funny part is we have an issue like Andy’s on our roof with the exhaust vent!! It's  a normal part of building with them. The bricklayers followed up and bricked tight against the bowed in jambs. Introducing the new patent-pending GREAT STUFF SMART DISPENSER. DOW 157906 12oz GREAT STUFF Big Gap Filler (Case of 12) $ 76.92 Add to cart; DOW 157911 20oz GREAT STUFF Gaps & Cracks (Case of 12) $ 104.04 Add to cart; DOW 157913 20oz GREAT STUFF Big Gap Filler (Case of 12) $ 107.88 Add to cart; DOW 175437 12oz GREAT STUFF Window & Door Foam (Case of 12) $ 95.40 Add to cart Now we will be all over this issue. What is the benefit of the other brand that you would prefer? ... Yeah, the regular Great Stuff can easily distort a window frame if not very carefully applied. Remember to fill the gaps by <50% since Great Stuff will expand. Great stuff makes several types of foam from big gap filler thru the low expansion stuff for windows. That idea makes sense to me and would help with the rim joist insulation. While you’re at it, check out how other ways you can seal, insulate, and reduce energy costs in high-loss areas around your home. Hi Jeff, GREAT video, thank you. I know one guy that had a million dollar house put up and it smelled. If you foam, the warranty will be voided. Although it has been a wonky winter in Pittsburgh. The head jamb was 1/4" longer than the sill. Great stuff pest block insulating foam sealant blocks insects and pests from entering the home by sealing gaps, cracks and holes where they commonly enter. Not a single one of them was installed per instructions and I gave up trying to correct the problem through education. Hi, Jeff! Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s kinda a shame that you have to babysit certain contractors. But if you have a large surface area that you are needing to seal, you may be looking for something more like Liquid Rubber.It comes in a one gallon can like a paint can and adheres to wood, metal, and concrete. If your gaps are larger than 1/4 inch opt for the Great Stuff Window & Door. If you're concerned, I'll bet you could make some tight-fitting sticks that would press-fit between the inner jambs for the duration of the curing.

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