Jill Biden earned her doctorate a year before her husband was elected Vice President in 2008. She worked at Northern Virginia Community College the entirety of … Jill Biden at Northern Virginia Community College, Alexandria (NOVA Alexandria) in Alexandria, Virginia has taught: ENG 111 - College Composition I, ENF 3 - Preparing for College English III. Jill Biden’s new boss, Jim McClellan, dean of humanities and social sciences at Northern Virginia, said she was teaching English as a second language and developmental English 3. Jill Biden teaches Northern Virginia Community College. https://www.nysut.org/news/nysut-united/issues/2021/january/dr- Biden for President Campaign English professor Jill Biden is poised to become the first presidential spouse to … As second lady, Jill Biden still held down a teaching job as adjunct professor at the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College. Dr. Biden has spent more than three decades teaching in community colleges, high schools and a psychiatric hospital for adolescents. She will return to the White House alongside her husband, President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021. For the first time since 1981, Jill Biden has taken a break from her teaching career to focus on her husband's campaign. A community college professor and author, Dr. Biden served as Second Lady of the United States from 2009–2017. Jill Biden would scramble into cocktail dresses in a bathroom at Northern Virginia Community College before rushing to White House receptions when her husband was vice president. Once becoming the Second Lady, she again taught English at a community college. But, she says, she plans to return to her day job as a college … Jill Biden promises to be a busy first lady: She plans to keep her day job as a college English professor in northern Virginia. Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and a longtime English professor, earned $82,022 in 2011 for teaching at Northern Virginia Community College. Nazila Jamshidi is a graduate student at Georgetown University and an alumnus of

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