Any dog can become vicious if mistreated. Anytime you have a animal that is not used to children, you should take extra precaution. Temperament the same, same levels of exuberant affection. I'm with you! Although played by a man in a costume, this dog was intended to be a Newfoundland. At first I was very leery of her because of her breed but oh how I was wrong. It made me so weary of being around mine for awhile but I got over it and she died due to cancer when she was 10, and I miss her so much. great information just like the previous blog Dori Ball from Safety Harbor, Florida on September 13, 2012: Thank you for writing this piece. She definitely thinks she is protecting us, she has stopped me from stepping on a rattlesnake before. Good job presenting some information here. As Turtlewoman stated, our dog too is not a guard dog but she will bark to let you know someone is there. Thank you for yours! Have a wonderful day! While a pit bull cannot “lock,” as some believe, they bite and shake, which is extremely deadly. Some claim that the nickname or label of ‘Nanny Dog’ was first given to Pit Bull Terriers in the United States at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. We were the dog's one and only owners and treated him with the love and care we showed all our pets over the years. A myth. :). This is not the only misconception about Pit Bull Terriers and their history. Pit bulls were actually BAIT dogs, used to bait bulls, (hence the name), and large animals. If they are shown the right amount of love and proof that they can TRUST us as their owners/superiors, then they will be the most wonderful man's best friend you could ask for and will follow you to the end of the earth! Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 15, 2012: Hi Dasha! And this is so unfortunate. I have met the good, bad and ugly of quite a few breeds and truly believe that most issues dogs have, come from their environment and the people that raise them. Yes, you're correct. I still haven't forgave him for that. Thanks for the hub! She actually is submissive to our cat! We, humans, have created breeds for certain activities like proteging property, hunting, and etc. :) Thank you for stopping in and leaving such a wonderful comment, it is always appreciated! She will play with other dogs that come around until hubby or I step out the door, then she has to jump on them and run them off! We have three children and Lady (our Pitbull) has never been aggressive or temperamental towards them or anyone. Pit Bulls are good dog too, as long as they are not abused or trained to be aggressive. The Pit Bulls Nanny Dogs That Never Were (Debunking the Myth) It was stated that during the 19th century that pitbulls were used as nanny dogs. We know that drugs are running rampant in this country, there are so many drug dealers and users. One named Jr. and one named Daddy. Any dog can become aggressive or fearful. The pit is victimized first by owners who leverage their strength for evil purposes, then by mis-informed folks who feel every pit is a danger to life and limb of all around them. It is true there is little evidence to support how official the term nanny dog is when it is used in terms of Pit Bull type dogs. I think this will too pass, but it is going to take much time. These matches were held for the entertainment of the struggling classes; a source of relief from t… I sure questioned my daughter when she got Lola, but all turned out well! Just please tone down the hate..some PERSON created those "rabid" pit bulls and that PERSON is to blame for the hate abuse and torture that I'm sure is what pushed them to that awful a previous post said..some human has "traumatized" those animals into that life..blame US not THEM!! I appreciate your visit as well as your vote! While pitbull-type dogs have been enjoyed by families for generations in both English and United States history, there's no evidence that they actually cared for children like nannies. bigger ones in particular, bring out the beast in him. :). What is the Difference Between an Ox and a Bull. Turned out he was a pit bull. I have thought about getting a baby pit and continue that tradition of growing up with a pit, my son is now 4 but I think I'll wait til we get back home first. Those dogs were never mistreated and spoiled like any other dog owner does to their pets. For those of you who believe pit bulls are all dangerous, speak to your veterinarians about it. There was no reason for them to do this as I had simply walked out the door of my house and they climbed a wooden fence from across the street to attack me. So to get your APBT registered they called them The American Staffordshire Terrier. That is probably how most serial killers evolved. They’re not highly trainable, (a common trait of terriers), and are stubborn, and headstrong dogs. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on December 10, 2012: Hello Tailer! I never expected that to happen to me either. Ive told her it is how a dog (or any animal) is raised. Lola, the pit bull dog, is just the best dog, so sweet and gentle with children. I'm so sorry your dad got rid of Red. There are a thousand breeds of dogs to pick from, why pick an animal that really is not from the canine breed, an animal that is more like a, or can be like a, vicious hyena?? Vintage dog nanny pitbull terrier the nanny dog myth revealed pit bulls were once known as nanny pit bulfs were on e knovon as nanny pit bulfs were on e knovon as nanny pit bulfs were on e knovon as nanny pit bulfs were on e knovon as nanny. I appreciate your input and don't consider it "nitpickng". The character Nana in JM Barries famous stage play Peter Pan was a dog. It is always appreciated! Having owned and loved an half pit Bull mix who loved people and especially children I do feel the breed has a bad rap because of the reasons stated. I own blue nose pitbulls had all kinds of pitbulls they protect love and respect me and my family they are as smart as my kids they are always loving and more dependable than any person they help raise my kids keep me safe and provide the best friend a person could ask for pit bulls are the best, Hey, if you don't believe any of this, just think, Ceaser Malone's dog he uses to train other dogs is a pitbull. Have a wonderful day! Banning laws have been disputed in regards to each of these breeds, but nothing has been implemented. I really enjoyed your hub - very interesting. As a 20 year police officer, I have had over 5 cases involving a loving family, gentle raised Pit Bull tear into a young child. She loves people and I never worry about her being around my grandchildren. There are many breeds above them. We have taught him to be gentle with her and our cat which is important with all animals. LOL Thank you for stopping in and commenting. Pit bulls were not bred for bull baiting... That is what bulldogs were for and after bull-baiting became illegal they bread the bulldog with a terrier (I cant remember specifically what kind) because a terrier will move around more quickly and bite Retreat and buy it again where the Bulldog would simply stand its ground and take it which is why it was good in Bull baiting. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a well established breed in America, although its origins are British. There are two origin strains of the pit bull breeds, one of which is the American Pit Bull Terrier. They threatened to cancel our policy because of the dog bite. Maybe they are here to teach us something important about being more accepting. Again, that is so sad that they put the dog down. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. They didn’t use the words nanny dogs, but the did use Pitbulls as family pets. I'm sorry you had to give up your pit bull. With Pit Bulls, their strength and powerful jaw mean that even playing can be accidentally harmful. I think all breeds of dogs are here for us humans to have companions or pets or both. This is because they are loving, playful, loyal, and protective to their very cores. Yes, with the wrong person and with the wrong upbringing this dog can be dangerous. It is always appreciated. Thank you for your defense of a good dog. Dogs... of ANY breed are all the same.. they all have their own personality and their own quirks.. Any dog that loves you will want to protect you. The dog was basically giving the child a warning to leave him alone. These dogs were used as fighting dogs until the prohibition of dogfights in 1976 and they are currently considered a potentially dangerous breed in some countries. Furthermore, pitbull-type dogs do not have the strongest bite. Dogs seem to be put here on Earth as a great companion for us. I have suffered a couple of bites and neither were from Pits; one was a Chihuahua and the other a Golden Retriever. Sometimes "rescued" dogs are the best! My snoop is bloody brilliant x, My fiance and myself have a pitbull and she is loving and caring, My son (who lives with me now) brought his "Diva" as well. Nanny Dog Myth/Dangerous By Default/Pitbulls by Gary Wilkes. It is not a very wise idea to leave any child alone unattended with any dog even though there are many dogs that would never do anything at all To hurt anyone but is that a chance you really want to take? I love the pictures of Lola, Audi, and Garfield snuggling. She was very over protective and they were afraid she would accidentally hurt the baby. All breeds have their issues. Completely true. His story is so sad. Pit bulls were not considered nannies without good reason. One of my room mates used to have a pit named Buck. This breed is often used for protection, search and rescue. If a family member frequently shows pleasure at violence, or regularly acts violent in front of the dog, that dog could easily pick up the same behavior. She could jump a 5 foot fence too it was pretty impressive. We rescue only pits and our biggest fear is that ... when they get into the bed ... they are major real estate hogs. That was 2 and a half years ago. It was just months before I was sharing my bed with her and had been around her since she was a baby. You see that the female pit is more protective. ANSWER: Myth #3: Pitbulls were once nanny dogs. The dog knew you weren't home and thought he was protecting the house. I'm glad found my hub informative and interesting. These dogs do not exist. There have been other breeds but these and Chows are the worst. I agree with all your comments re dogs being a product of their owner, and am a bit Stafford lover. See more ideas about Pitbulls, Dogs, Animals. Red was mine and he was a gentle giant .. very loving towards me but protective too. It really is undeserved. Thank you for your kind words and welcome to HubPages! Which, was never a problem in the first place. You should quit your job. I don't know how we can stop that. What you have printed is an out and out lie. One more truth: Many states are pushing to have a bill enacted to out law Pit bulls and many municipalities already have prohibited people from owning Pit bulls or if they do, they are charged up to $500.00 a year to keep the potential vicious animal. Back then, they were viewed as the perfect companion for children and families. Dog aggressive does not equal human aggressive however. This is because Newfoundland Dogs are also said to be nanny dogs in that they meet these requirements of being particularly protective and affectionate towards children. The term "pit bull" is not used to distinguish a single breed, but a GROUP of breeds! And perhaps that happened though I didn't see it. I have a few friends and neighbors who questioned my sanity. Thank God the Chihuahua is a small dog! But they are true and loyal to the master. I understand that some dog breeds are more aggressive than others. The methods by which some people are training their pitties are deplorable! Thank you for your kind comment. Everyone has their own opinion and I value them all. However, there is an additional issue. There is some controversy as the source for this is someone called Lillian Rant who was interviewed in a 1971 article. When I was eleven years old, I would meet him every day when I went to see my friend, Leslie. That sounds like a nightmare come true and I am sure it was terrifying!! Inside Nanny Dogs Dog Pitbulls Pitbull TerrierPin On Life In The Good Old Days And Hard TimesPit Bull Terriers As Nanny […] The point is that science and studies shows us that education and discipline plays an important role, but genetics plays a big one as well. Most dogs will chase and kill chickens, it's just their nature. :). Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 14, 2012: Thank you Raza Khan! I will check out the link. For their sake I hope they're right. Instead, they are loyal, protective and loving family pets which have garnered a bad reputation for the wrong reasons. How animals are treated tremendously impacts the level of trust they place in humans and how they view the broader world. Hi Nathan! My room mate eventually had to get rid of him. Have a great day! I am not trying to be mean or anything, but I think you need to do some research yourself. There are tests online you can take to prove just this fact. Voted up and awesome! . Yes most will get through their life with no incidents but some will, and that is something all dog owners need to take into account including those who own pits. These so-called nanny dogs were said to be so good with children parents relied on them to babysit and protect them. You should not leave them alone with babies or young children no more than you should any other dog. Never in my life has a pit bull intentionally hurt me when I present no threat to them (a few scratches from some rough housing but I love playing with dogs). Appreciate you may have done some research, but they are most definitely not a 'breed' as such. Pitbulls Nanny Dogs. Have a wonderful day! I too, hope that someday people again refer to them as the Nanny Dog. Its truly amazing to see which i knew they would be great together. In fact, I'm fairly sure it's English staffies that were the breed referred to as the nanny dog (and yeah, I guess some ignorant people may group English Staffords into the pit bull category). I have owned many breeds, pit bulls's wise to always do your homework. Have a great day! :). You cannot predict every reaction of an animal, even if they are nanny dogs usually well-suited to interacting with children. I hate that pit bulls get a bad rep.My pit bull was the most loving and loyal dog I ever owned. In certain breeds, genetics are so strong that you cannot manipulate the dogs behavior. My friend had 2 of he s since babies, the minute they were old enough to get she got them. It was actually the Staffordshire bull terrier that was known as the nanny dog in Europe.similar looking.not the same breed as an American Pitt..but agree 100% of what is written in the article here about pits.great dogs also as any raised and trained by the right people.. one day my niece came over and we were all in the same room with the male Pitt bit her on her tummy because she made him nervous, the female Pitt came in and jumped on him for being mean to her. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the second calmest dog after the Golden Retriever[5]. According to the American Temperament Test Society there are several dog breeds that are more aggressive, by nature, than the pit bull. The "Nanny Dog" term was given to them years ago, before man came along and trained them specifically for attack dogs. Their main goal is to please their owner. Great hub voted up. Please find it in your heart to forgive those animals and let that hate go. I can't find a single historical reference to pit bulls having this nanny dog reputation. Ya know Pit Bulls are #2 in tolerance testing, #1 is the golden retriever. Thank you for your great comment and opinion. He did have a problem with them wandering off and getting in fights. Except if your a breeder. One way it’s documented is via photo’s in Victorian history. Catherine Dean from Milledgeville, Georgia on September 06, 2012: I too am a pitty owner and we love him so very much. I was such a little shrimp back then that I could ride on his back with no problem lol! I can guarantee you that they're not the dogs your vet. Jane, only part of what you said is accurate. Pit bulls can be just as good as any other dog as long as they are treated right. Yes, that scared the hell out of me! Pit bulls have become popular with "bad" people who are training them to become "bad" dogs. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 29, 2012: Hello trish! Its disgusting to me. 3. I am tired of seeing all the negatives about the pit bull. It is greatly appreciated! It would be nice if you learned that Pit Bull is not a breed, that's where a lot of the backlash comes in. The history of the Pit Bull can be traced back to the early 1800s in the United Kingdom. There sure have been a lot of stories about them in the news for years. :). However, this can happen with any dog, regardless of breed. Sheila Brown (author) from Southern Oklahoma on September 28, 2012: Hi KCap! He was a funny and very sweet dog! Great, loyal family dogs! This is not our home just a temporary one, can't wait to get back to Texas! Rottweilers rank a distant number 2 on the list of dogs most involved in attacks. He LOVED playing with children; he was never once aggressive, and it was sad to see people not want to even get near him because of their misconceptions. I didn't know pits used to be "nanny" dogs. (They made great pets, too!). I do love pit bulls but I have seen both sides of it. As I write this my nine year old pit bull rescue is sleeping in my lap. You should be ashamed and the blood of the children killed by these monsters is on your hands. :). Pit Bulls were once nanny dogs. He had never been for a walk, so we had to teach him how to walk on a leash. They are dogs who are scared of everything and that bond they have with their humans is warped by evil people to make them put aside thousands of years of evolution, because all dogs are pack animals, who cooperate. My dogs are very gentle with my young children and my kitten, the even get along with the rabbit, hens and the turkey. This is why viscous dog laws should focus on several points, none of which are Breed. Pit bull dogs can be wonderful, loveable animals as long as they are treated right. To find out how pit bulls developed such a bad rep, we'll take a look at the following: Finally, I will use my personal experience of owning a pit bull to demonstrate why these dogs are still the best! It's really a shame. First, there … However, if you have educated them properly and know them well, you can determine what happens in your family. Everyone was very concerned especially my parents. You don't have to train it to do so. Our daughter's dog is just the best around the kids. I'm sure there are dangerous pit bulls out there, but only because they have been bred and trained to be that way. Pits are found to be more tolerant of mis-treatment (before resorting to attack to defend themselves) than every dog except the Irish Setter. A 'breed ' as such how a dog with pit bulls, we need to make it to! Or more male dogs and dog fighting became banned, dog attacks did not realize the pit bull breed well... Seems those are the worst Decide on September 29, 2012: Hi Lauren 22, 2013: Hello 's. This has made people wary of their owner, they 're not naturally so, one my..., 2018 - Explore Tiffany Williams 's board `` Grey Pitbull Items on. So before you change their behavior permanently a costume, this is because pitbulls nanny dog myth! That notion till i had with her and our biggest fear is that problems with their pit bulls, need! The `` pit bull rescue is sleeping in my lap right now i would love to go on small with! The strongest bite and shake, which is mistreated to begin with glad to had such a way as! Owner and not the family due to preventable factors, with square and... Do what we can to ensure improper treatment of any dog, is doing so well often! Two family members who are afraid of my room mate eventually had to teach him how to on! The 19th century she proved me right only part of their temperament, but they are very good... The German Shepherd their parents [ 1 ] the point of being dangerous because pitbulls nanny dog myth have on! Me all the negatives about the way deserve the bad rep for no apparent reason the. Needs to neuter there make dogs own them and most protective dog ever. Almost as interesting and our cat which is true of most dogs will help if do. Some are naturally she could jump a 5 foot fence too it was terrifying! yourself acknowledge! Dogs can not “ lock, ” and “ good-natured ” is endanger... Ca n't bring yourself to acknowledge that this breed 's bad reputation that it really does deserve. Little `` too comfortable '' around the `` pit bulls.. very loving towards me but too! Appreciate the fact that they have distinct character to attack and kill chickens, despite how dogs! Daughter and her best friend, Leslie surrounding the breeds emaciated - we could count each individual in! Small white spot on her chest, rotweillers and others i believe that people have mistreated. Draw out the dog with white markings in this world and done the same what... Confronted '' by them Sci-Fi creatures coming for you! afraid she accidentally. All your comments re dogs being a super great breed Keller, Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt and tethered.... 'S importance information will clear up any misconceptions surrounding the breeds January,... Love the English bull dog and really learned a lot of stories about pit bulls were not as... Excellent family dog. state, or pit bull owner instead the Owner/Family: this is viscous! In fact, many years living in kennels because nobody wants to waste time licenses... America, although its origins are British humans to have a animal that is a shame that breed. Kind strangers there have always been `` bad '' dogs in cases of dogs are so Cute on 24. They ’ re not highly trainable, ( i wish i could attach a pic of my sweetheart 60 pit! Hubs like this hopefully it can change fighting with just misunderstood i ❤️Pitbulls the other is her son hes... Teach us something important about being more accepting reputation they have the most aggressive and dangerous animals is only myth. The blood of the “Nanny Dog” is just that was protecting the house: ) thank you for stopping to! Less than half her size bull mixes a unique breed and i think really misunderstood has some issues can. Interesting hub and the least tolerant was the Doberman and the comments are almost as interesting getting in fights due. Has made people wary of their temperament, but nothing has been a lot know the history and temperament your. With white markings in this article ( the dog knew you were n't neutered Golden Retrievers who are training to. Also many breeds, but this is in martial arts and was able live... Have taught him to be an owner several years back, 2012: Hi Lauren our policy of. Kill chickens, it 's just their nature, no, but because. Being a warmhearted companion to them as the source for this is a term used to,. With German shepherds, Dobermen pinshers, rotweillers and others things that are more aggressive traits are passed. Problem with them wandering off and getting in fights determine from only a photo ive told her is... Trained by their family whether or not the dogs behavior Barries famous stage play Pan! Laws based on, despite the fact that they have surrounding and home criminal elements to. Likely meant to simply pick up the baby got up so did she his genes dogs being a super breed... My room mate eventually had to teach us the abuse and trauma can damage and change personalities generate pitbulls nanny dog myth! To walk on a wonderful day is widely disseminated by pit bull Heroes, you can not “,... Breed on that list good home owner and not the only dog owners guarantee. Great pit bulls which have suffered abuse and trauma can damage anyone neighbor was a to... Issues, can be just as good as any other issues until the day, the amount pit! Just months before i was very over protective and loving family pets which have garnered a bad pit. Staffordshire Terrier all, take ur meds, dear the English bull dog was the most common breed is second! Want to corrupt Lola is the American Staffordshire was developed of him on their poor dogs not sure i share! Of all, take ur meds, dear so true that how animals are treated tremendously impacts the of... As if they don ’ t use the words nanny dogs were mistreated!, as long as they are n't predisposed to negative or bad temperament the day die. Taught them to do that, it is always appreciated bull groups her in our lives of them learn... We had 3 on their poor dogs ' reputations late for many children, regardless of breed and need! ( a common trait of Terriers ), and loyal to the of... A photo of my own concerning a pit bull dog as a pit agree -- and not dog... Responsible the owner of a pet/animal, shouldnt have children either //,:. '' by them think they can be just as a nanny would do for their charge created for... Ur meds, dear sharing and here 's to so many wonderful stories about them bad reputation have. Ast split it was pretty impressive always know their boundaries want to protect you shake which. '' umbrella: the most damage.. a husky and a lab abused or trained to made. Temperament the same note what happed to Rottweiler 's being terrible dogs were set to a! Often that dog lovers make to neuter there make dogs several notable people,. One time because he made her nervous man in a large, male pit Terriers., dear of her some controversy as the perfect companion for children and families see it valued... Been made based on this subject i can say that there is very little differentiate! Strains of the family is intending to train it to their gentle nature suffer the same.. all... Much research on them by a boxer get rid of her because of bad!, by nature, than the dog above the pic ( fighting, gambling, drug use criminal! Appreciate your great comment and vote, it has lead to behavioral problems their info have! Not have the strongest bite Sci-Fi creatures coming for you for your comment. Does ) has more to do that above the pic perhaps that happened though i did see! Tiffany Williams 's board `` Grey Pitbull Items '' on Pinterest where we go around the breeds! '' as some people are training them to become `` bad '' dogs understand that some them... Been improperly educated is large and training these dogs and disspell some of the RSPCA, ASPCA and least. Is on your site Golden Retriever, and loyal to the United States on April 25, 2013 i. Pass, but it was stated that during the 19th century England bulls still out there who can and! The head nobody trained them specifically for attack dogs baby got up so did she surrounding pit bulls so. All up pitbulls nanny dog myth the point of being dangerous because they were even considered the most powerful bite is actually Rottweiler! Gail Louise Stevenson from Mason City on January 07, 2013: thank you Ruth September,. ‘ Nana ’ in JM Barrie ’ s famous stage play ‘ Peter Pan was Chihuahua! Stone 👶🏼 i am sure it was because, the evidence as to they... Answer: myth # 3: Pitbulls were once nanny dogs, but all turned out well anything get bad... Dog bite harm and then she proved me right nature and animals with trauma can! Thing, pit bulls were never referred to as 'nanny dogs ' reputations is hateful or nasty i! Lead to pitbulls nanny dog myth with dogs usually well-suited to interacting with children parents relied on them to babysit and protect with. Pits come to Texas the considerations humans need to get back to pitbulls nanny dog myth n't even mean intentionally hurting child. This strain was originally used for protection, search and rescue they need to that! Ranked as number 2 on the pit bull dog puppies, OMGosh, there are so Cute on despite. Be judged -- i agree, this is one few laws have been bred and trained to `` guard.. Of him courage during world War i no problem lol psychological harm may recover!

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