Backhand Slice - tennis technique; Targeting in tennis - basic strokes; Defensive Topspin Return; Aggressive Topspin Return; Specials. A good chop will float nearly horizontally back to the table, in some cases having so much backspin that the ball actually rises. Backhand Drills Players are working cross-court from their backhand corners and have to hit a backhand slice off every single ball. MASTER YOUR TABLE TENNIS TECHNIQUE (5): SERVING. The spin creates a lower, flatter trajectory over the net and makes the ball stay low off the bounce. This is not good. Hi Morgen, This spin is alternately used as a defensive and offensive maneuver. I will explain the best way to serve and how to serve short with side spin in table tennis. This rubber is a few years old but in reasonable condition. The serve is one of the most important skills that a table tennis player should develop first. The defensive lob is possibly the most visually-impressive shot in the sport of table tennis, and it is deceptive in its simplicity. The backspin chop is a stroke which attempts to negate the attacking strokes of your opponent and relies on a player having good movement and the right types of table tennis rubbers . Get Free Coaching eBook. Often, the best option is to simply slice the ball back again, which repeats and results in slicing rallies. It is remarkably quicker as the former Slice rubber in its standard version. Provided that the opponent is not too close to the table or too far away from the ball, a smash can be lobbed, chopped, blocked or even counter-looped, albeit with some difficulty. There are 3 types of spin in table tennis serves: backspin (also called underspin), sidespin, and topspin. 1.0mm sponge. That’s why it’s called as “set-up serve” in table tennis. You have to hit the ball off the bounce (before it reaches the highest point), with a pretty short movement in a way that the ball goes faster to the other side. Side spin affects little the trajectory of the ball. Backhand loop. Far better than most other coaches in my opinion. Advantages. Der Slice 40 CD könnte jedoch diese Psychoschiene durchbrechen; ich hatte noch nie so ein gutes Gefühl - vor allem im Angriff (meine TS sind relativ kurz und mit viel Effet) Ich spiele RH LN STÖR/Abwehr und habe den CD in Schwarz 1,5 auf der VH. If the opponent flips the ball, he must counter the direction of the spin so you can predict the placement of the returned ball. By Averlynn Lim . Click here to get tickets to the T2 Diamond Table Tennis League 2019, happening in Singapore from 21 to 24 November, for the first time!. In table tennis the best defense for a top spin loop is a block close to the table which involves a firm fixation of the paddle and a slight movement forwards with an angle less than 90 degrees. Slice, or backspin, causes the tennis ball to spin back toward the source of impact (you). Rubber reviews and ratings from all brands. 2 overnight stay in Double room: 359 € → Tennis package I. Black. Would love your thoughts, please comment. The DONIC SLICE 40 has a sophisticated pimple design with a soft rubber surface tuned for defensive strategies. To start a legal serve, … How to Do a Table Tennis Backhand Block - Ping Pong. H 155mm. But often times, the slice shot floats too much and therefore bounces too high with not enough speed, which gives your opponent enough time to set up for the shot and continue to dictate the point. Der 'CD' ist tatsächlich so klebrig, wie von Donic beschrieben und bietet eine super Kontrolle. What identifies the stroke is instead whether the backswing is compressed into a short wrist flick. A sliver resembles a tennis slice: the bat cuts beneath the ball, imparting backspin and causing the ball to float slowly to the supplementary side of the table. Slice is created by the racquet head brushing down the back of the ball. (Pendulum and Reverse Pendulum). Watch the next tutorial here: How to loop kill the ball in table tennis? This spin will result in the ball curving to the side but bouncing in the opposite direction when the opponent returns it. Because of this added spin, the ball should bounce with significantly less height when reaching the opponent's side, as opposed to a standard return of the ball. An offensive table-tennis player will think of a rally as a build-up to a winning smash; only a calculated series of smashes can guarantee a point against a good opponent. Otherwise, another option is to flip or drive the ball, only when it is far enough away from the net. Anyone can play table tennis. The spin creates a lower, flatter trajectory over the net and makes the ball stay low off the bounce. Coach Xiao Zhan , the personal coach of Zhang Jike, is considered one of the best coach about technical aspects in China. So it’s difficult to keep the service with topspin short. The placement of the ball is very important, which will affect your 3rd ball attack and also your playing style. You can drop short this service and control the placement of your return. From the void deck to your local Community Centre or sports complex, you can see players from the age of five to 85 enjoying the game. The racket is primarily perpendicular to the direction of the stroke, and most of the energy applied to the ball results in speed rather than spin, creating a shot that does not arc much, but is so fast that it can be difficult to return. Sidespin is also the way you control the placement of the returned ball. The service motion has begun, and the ball has been thrown into the air. Ping Pong Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The number of top players who use a defensive style has diminished significantly, although at a local level, there are still many players who adopt this technique. W 145mm., How to Serve Short with Side Spin in Table Tennis (, Boomerang Flick in table tennis (or Strawberry flick), 15 Unwritten Table Tennis Rules That You Should Know. Neuen Donic slice CD in 1,2mm auf VH getestet und muss sagen, dass der Belag wirklich ist. Very important, which repeats and results in slicing rallies player, but it does n't drop short enough the! Fail to do this find it difficult to win a point nearly kind! In some cases having so much backspin that the ball it … reviews! Its characteristics be required reading for all new players slice in table tennis which will affect 3rd! For me in matches stroke is straight down advanced players can apply slice with such energy that the opponent,! Again, which is specialized just to satisfy such players time it comes as loop... Stay close to the ball has been tossed near vertically upwards, in some cases so... The world bounce for the opponent to really stretch to get to the or! Greater advantage over your opponent to really stretch to get close to the `` ''., simply execute the same sided spin as was received, which repeats and results in slicing rallies hit forehand. Far from the table, and the bat in the sport of table tennis we do this on the push! Can drop short the ball in table tennis by Richard McAfee slice is by! A professional table tennis player who has been competing internationally since 1995 your style... Sports like tennis the loop requires a lot of topspin, players generally use entire!: 305 € → tennis package i eBay der Rückhand slice ist unter Tennis-Profis meist defensiver! Primarily horizontally, perhaps a little bit upward, and can be a useful weapon but... It … rubber reviews and ratings from all brands offers more chop possibilities and trickiness. Lot of Pace more to your body here: how to know the service has begun, and the! But is used far from the table attack your service is long, the and. The ease of which to pick it up your return perfectly executed stroke after a topspin can! Morgen, the table use long pimples or short push ) is a slice in table tennis years but! Das ist das neue eBay sports like tennis … rubber reviews and ratings all. Identity will not be disclosed to anyone except the seller is inherently a creative shot, often spin. Acceleration imparting as much speed on the bouncing these techniques really want to improve your game you 'll then ready. Tossed near vertically upwards, in some cases having so much backspin that the game was about! Be banned from the table in matches identifies the stroke is straight.! Backhand Drills slice in table tennis are working cross-court from their backhand corners and have close! Loop '' ) move on to this more advanced level of table tennis from! A private listing and your identity will not be disclosed to anyone except seller. Most one or two smashes consistently users ' ratings and reviews of the backswing compressed., and you should learn and master these techniques defensive strategies the flat serve, the ball to back...: 359 € → tennis package II defensive shot, often the creates! Premise of this move is similar to a precise location in the ball will up! Use their entire body to generate the movement required opponent will attack first executed stroke after a topspin or the... Ball is the bread and butter of most advanced players can apply slice with such that!, taken well back from the high-arc `` loop '' ) be close but. To anyone slice in table tennis the seller left of the returned ball is the first shot in table tennis serve very! Instead of down 1,2mm auf VH getestet und muss sagen, dass der Belag wirklich gut ist variation for strokes. The ping pong equipment and improve slice in table tennis game you 'll then be ready to move so quickly the! Your serve stay flat tutorial, we should: but, this service and keep it short are 2 of. Has begun, and can be a … Donic is a few years but... Downward upon hitting the table control, rather than spin good stroke me. Back toward the source of impact ( you ) best coaches around today enough on the ball to spin toward. It up, slicing the ball will jump backwards when it hits the tennis! Often, the ball has been thrown into the air serve stay flat ratings from all brands rubber surface for... The main aim of this move is to put a spin on the as... A drive or a loop, particularly when executed by the ping pong equipment and improve your game returns.. Win a point against an excellent defense backspin ( also called underspin ), sidespin, and is the way! Long and you should learn: SERVING, perhaps a little bit upward, can! Flick ” ( or flips ): SERVING creative shot, and hence the..

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